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Heavy Duty Aftermarket Parts Supplier

Adrenaline offers heavy-duty shops and mechanics a huge array of heavy duty engine performance after market parts. Whether you have a small job and need a small amount of parts for a one off project or you are actively working on multiple heavy duty performance jobs with a variety of clients, we are here to help!

We offer expertise and after market parts support in every facet of the heavy duty equipment industry, from heavy duty trucks to Agra and everything in between! With over 30 years experience collectively from our team, we can resolve most performance issues you might be dealing with.

We offer a huge variety of parts categories such as but not limited to:

The Adrenaline Diesel Difference -Not Your Typical? Heavy Duty Parts Supplier

Adrenaline Diesel focuses on the consultative an product knowledge approach, every successful dealer who delivers a quality product and service is no only a win for them but a win for Adrenaline! We focus on product knowledge and after parts purchase support. Struggling on trouble shooting or what parts will make the best impact? no problem you can lean on our team and its 30+ years of collective experience!

Adrenaline is also proud to be offering comprehensive lunch and learns for our clients to further support their business. your business success is our business success!

To learn more about our lunch and learns contact:

Heavy Duty After Market Performance Parts Facility 

 Heavy Duty Performance Parts Supplier


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Heavy Duty Manifold Supplier

Our goal simply, is performance and high-quality heavy duty manifolds that will improve overall engine performance and fuel economy. Carefully selected supply is the key to success.

Adrenaline Diesel supplies the heavy-duty industry in Canada with Full Tilt Manifolds, as well as other engine performance parts.

Fast Facts on Full Tilt Manifolds

  • + 20-30% - Horsepower Boost With FTP Manifolds
  • +0.3% - Fuel Savings Per Mile With FTP Manifolds
  • 100 – 150 degrees – Cooler Exhaust Temperature With FTP Manifolds
  • 2 Years Parts Warranty On ALL FTP Manifolds

Heavy Duty Diesel Turbo Supplier

Adrenaline Diesel is committed to sourcing only the leading manufacturers and supplying only the very best heavy-duty turbos to the industry. With over 30 years collectively our team of fully certified technicians has painstakingly tried and tested and now offer product delivered on time every time.

Want to know everything about Turbos? Check out Marty’s favourite resource:


We offer a variety of Turbos from some of the best manufacturers in the Industry such as:

  • BD Diesel Turbos and Injectors
  • ADF Diesel
  • GCL Diesel

Heavy Duty Diesel Injector Supplier

Adrenaline Diesel's over 30 years experience in performance parts and service means we only source the very best in heavy duty injectors. With careful sourcing, and testing in our own facility in Edmonton, we have found the best in class heavy duty Injector manufacturers in North America. Call us today to assess your specific needs and how ensure you get the right parts for the right job!

Want to know everything about heavy duty Injectors? Check out Marty’s favourite resource:


 We offer a variety of Injectors from some of the best manufacturers in the Industry such as:

  • BD Diesel Turbos and Injectors
  • ADF Diesel
  • GCL Diesel

Custom Heavy Duty Headbolts

Adrenaline Diesel was very excited to be teaming up with one of the industries leading manufacturer of bolts and fasteners, ARP started in the 1960’s and has grown to offer full OEM replacement parts to specialty fasteners for heavy diesel applications.

We offer a variety of Headbolts and Fasteners from some of the best manufacturers in the Industry such as:

  • ARP Custom Headbolts 

Want to know everything about heavy duty bolts and fasteners? Check out Marty’s favourite resource:

Bolts and Fasteners

 Heavy Duty After Market Supplier 


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Heavy Duty After Parts Supplier & Service FAQ

Frequently asked Questions

How quickly do you ship?

If the parts that you’ve ordered are stocked items, we will ship same day for orders placed before noon and next day for those received after 12:00pm. Shipping methods are dependent upon your preference, instructions, and size of shipment.


How long do special order parts take to ship?

We employ a vast network of suppliers and vendors that enable us a broad reach to source your specialty items. When you’re seeking a special order part, a custom part or some other specialty item, we will advise you accordingly and will keep you apprised of all developments.


What types of parts do you sell?

We supply everything needed to build a highway truck from the gasket to the cylinder. We offer OEM, but we pride ourselves on providing high quality aftermarket parts that improve your results.


Where do you sell?

We are headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta and we service all of Western Canada. Since we are only one location, and we understand the importance of convenience, we endeavor to partner with reputable, high performing, quality dealers to inventory and sell our products in all regions of Western Canada.


How do I become a Dealer?

We carefully screen our potential Dealers to ensure that our businesses align well. We understand that we need a company that is interested in increasing their profitability, expanding their offering and is enthusiastic about providing exceptional results to their Customers.   Companies that are interested in beginning the process should contact our Sales Division:


What are the benefits of being a Dealer?

There are numerous advantages to becoming a dealer that include, but are not limited to, Regional Exclusivity, Preferred Pricing, Preferential Service (shorter wait times), Price Protected Products, Marketing and Sales material, Referrals, Training and Support.


If I become a Dealer, what are my payment terms?

We are committed to helping businesses grow with us. We recognize that we can’t develop one rule and apply it to everyone. Each business is different. Because of that, we will negotiate terms once we’re willing to offer a Dealership to you.


Where are you located?

We are headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


What brands do you carry?

We carry all makes of OEM parts as well as elite brands. Just a few of the elite aftermarket brands we carry include Air Dog, Full Tilt Performance, Grand Rock and Colt Cams.


Do you do tuning?

We are leaders in the programming industry and can complete most tunes remotely. This allows for reduced down time, lowered costs and reduced travel time.


How much does tuning cost?

We have a standard price list that varies based on your engine, turbo and desired results. We are also able to customize many programs based on your request. Contact us to get your quote:


What is a Performance Part?

Performance parts often have the connotation that they are for racing, pulling or specialty applications. Performance parts are for everyone. Performance = Results. High performance parts means you are receiving parts with upgraded quality. Performance parts can improve wear and tear, reduce engine temperatures, improve fuel economy and increase power.


What if you don’t have my product in stock?

Based on the extensive resources and contacts that we have, we are able to turnaround your request quickly. Our Parts and Sales teams collaborate to focus their efforts to achieve your results in an efficient and timely manner. We realize that your time is money.


How much inventory do you have? How much are your parts?

We have more than $1,000,000 of parts on hand and we are shipping and receiving products daily. Our buying power allows us to provide savings to our Dealers and our Customers.


How do I get more power? How do I get better mileage?

These questions require a custom response. Your answer could be an adjusted maintenance schedule, quality repairs, performance parts, a new tune, or a combination of all of the above. Contact our Service Department for your options:


How does your referral program work for Dealers?

When we receive a request for parts or service in your exclusive region, we will redirect the Customer to your location. We will provide your contact information directly to this customer. If we have a customer that requires a remote tune but they don’t have the correct equipment to network, we may contact you to provide the hook up. In this case we would provide you with “convenience pay” for providing this service and convenience. This allows you to develop a relationship with the customer and increases the odds that they’ll return to your location.


What if I don’t have the tools needed to host the network connection for the remote tuning?

We may sell you the tools required to do this. This is a minimal investment that will allow our team to program trucks in your shop remotely.


What is your Parts warranty?

We honor the manufacturers warranty on all parts. Most of these warranties are 12 months from the date of purchase, or repair, however Full Tilt Performance offers a 24 month warranty on all of their performance parts.


Are your parts EPA compliant?

We are an EPA compliant company and as such, we provide high quality products that meet these standards and regulations. Contact our Sales group for more information:


Someone else did my tune but I’m having problems. Do I get a deal if you reprogram it?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a discount for this situation. The existing program has to first be removed and the ECM returned to the original factory settings. Then we would program the ECM, so there is actually more work involved in correcting your issue. You should try to find a resolution with the original programmer. If that doesn’t work, we’d be happy to re-tune your equipment.


I have a customer that is looking for tuning on a specific engine. Can you do it?

We have an extensive list of engines that we can program. Contact our service department for pricing, availability and scheduling:


We’re having trouble selling aftermarket and high-performance parts. Why?

We are here to support our Dealers and their teams. If you aren’t selling the “gravy”, let us know. We can help to educate, train and provide some selling tips to increase your bottom line and improve your profitability.


Will I void my warranty if I use aftermarket parts?

The warranty on most parts is one year. New trucks typically have a warranty of 2 years. If you haven’t purchased extended warranty, it is unlikely that using quality, aftermarket parts will void your warranty, however we recommend that every owner verify this in advance of upgrading these parts. Adrenaline Diesel is not liable for any warranties that are voided.


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Proudly Partnering & Suppling The Heavy Duty Parts Industry With:

Full Tilt Manifolds     



ARP Bolts and Fasteners   

 BD Diesel Performance

ADF Diesel

 Grand Rock Heavy Duty Parts

Air Dog Diesel Parts

Colt Cams Parts Supplier


Want to know more about our manufacturers and the heavy duty aftermarket parts we supply the commercial industries? Here are some of our great partners:


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Full Tilt Manifolds

Full Tilt Performance has developed high-quality, heavy duty manifolds that will improve overall engine performance and fuel economy.

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Diesel Turbos & Injectors

Adrenaline Diesel is passionate about bringing industry leading Diesel Turbos and Injectors to our clients across North America. We painstakingly look for and align with only the best sources for our after market products.

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ARP Custom Headbolts

ARP Bolts got their start designing and manufacturing bolts and fasteners for racecars in the later 1960s. Since then ARP has expanded their range, creating bolts, nuts, washers and other automotive engine fasteners for diesel engines. They have grown to become world leaders in automotive fasteners.

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Our customers have a wide variety of heavy duty diesel performance requirements. Contact us and get a quote for a performance upgrade for your equipment.