ARP Custom Headbolts

ARP Bolts got their start designing and manufacturing bolts and fasteners for racecars in the later 1960s. Since then ARP has expanded their range, creating bolts, nuts, washers and other automotive engine fasteners for diesel engines. They have grown to become world leaders in automotive fasteners.

Because they were originally designed to meet the high demands of a racing engine, ARP bolts are manufactured to withstand the stress and performance needs of a heavy duty engine. With everything from OEM replacement parts to specialty fasteners for exotic cars, boats, and heavy diesel applications, ARP fasteners are trusted by some of the largest names in the automotive industry.

Adrenaline Diesel is proud to offer ARP Custom Head Bolts to our customers.


Our customers have a wide variety of heavy duty diesel performance requirements. Contact us and get a quote for a performance upgrade for your equipment.