Full Tilt Manifolds

Full Tilt Performance provides aftermarket performance products such as manifolds and turbo chargers for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit and PACCAR trucks and equipment. These quality, American-made manifolds are designed specifically to improve engine performance. On average, truckers can expect to see a 0.2-0.3 miles per gallon increase in fuel economy and between 20-32 more horsepower after upgrading to a Full Tilt manifold.

Unlike typical aftermarket manifolds, Full Tilt manifolds are shipped fully assembled, and are pressure fit and test mounted before shipping to ensure you receive a well-designed, high quality product that fits your truck perfectly. The company prides itself in creating manifolds with more gradual anglers, tighter joints, and quality, heavy duty materials to ensure that you end up with a long-lasting product that will improve overall performance.

Full Tilt manifolds have developed a loyal customer base since entering the market in 2004 due to their commitment to improving performance at a fair price. Adrenaline Diesel is proud to offer Full Tilt manifolds to our customers. For more information or for a free quote, please contact us.


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