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Heavy Duty After Market Parts Distributor

Adrenaline lives and breathes performance! From ECM tuning to sourcing only the best in heavy duty performance parts. We can provide the years of expertise, facility and parts to ensure you get the desired results!

Performance parts are quite popular in the regular truck/vehicle industry, to augment the performance of a vehicle, typically to get a faster and more powerful result. This is somewhat similar in the heavy duty industry, clients in the Transportation Agricultural, or Construction industries are typically look for more fuel efficiencies, adding power to their equipment or rig to get an overall better output for work and performance and cost savings. 

Heavy Duty Performance Parts We Supply

We supply an extensive list of performance parts and systems that are not limited to, but include:

  1. Drive Train
  2. ECM’s
  3. Engines
  4. Exhaust Systems
  5. Filters & Fluids & Maintenance Parts
  6. Fuel Systems
  7. Hydraulics
  8. Lights & accessories
  9. Injectors
  10. Turbos
  11. Manifolds
  12. Pumps
  13. Camshafts


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