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We are always striving to be the industry leader. As such, we are always seeking better. We have invested a significant amount of time developing custom, performance parts. These parts are exclusive to us and are designed specifically to improve vehicle performance. These range from drive train to exhaust system components and they are exclusively available from Adrenaline Diesel.

These parts have been developed for specialized applications and should be discussed with one of our specialists. Our Sales and/or Service department would be happy to discuss results and how to get them.

Have a problem that you need a solution for? If we haven’t developed your solution yet, we’d love to start working on the answer. Let’s talk about it.

Here at Adrenaline Diesel, our goal is to ensure you are getting the utmost performance from your equipment.
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Heavy Duty Custom Parts We Supply

We supply an extensive list of custom parts and systems that are not limited to, but include:

  1. Drive Train
  2. ECM’s
  3. Engines
  4. Exhaust Systems
  5. Filters & Fluids & Maintenance Parts
  6. Fuel Systems
  7. Hydraulics
  8. Lights & accessories
  9. Injectors
  10. Turbos
  11. Manifolds
  12. Pumps
  13. Camshafts

Not Sure What You Are Looking For? Heavy Duty Parts Explained 

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Not Sure What You Are Looking For? Heavy Duty Parts Explained


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