ECM Tuning

Heavy Truck ECM Performance Tuning

Are you looking for a way to unlock greater horsepower and better fuel economy for your truck? ECM tuning, also known as chip tuning, performance tuning, or ECM programming, allows us to unlock your truck’s full potential. Instead, a plugin module is added to the truck’s electronic control unit, allowing a skill technician to tune or “re-map” your truck’s software system. In other words, we adjust the control; unit from the generic factory settings to settings that best work for your performance requirements, climate and driving style. Everything is customized to meet your unique needs. The result is better fuel economy, increased power and performance, and greater torque just to name a few.

Our team of heavy duty mechanics is experienced in ECM tuning. You can rest easy knowing that you truck is in good hands! Contact us today to learn more about how ECM programming can change your driving experience.


Our customers have a wide variety of heavy duty diesel performance requirements. Contact us and get a quote for a performance upgrade for your equipment.