VGT Deletes for Volvo Engines

Adrenaline Diesel offers variable-geometry turbo (VGT) delete services for Volvo 11, 13, and 16L engines.

VGTs, also known as variable nozzle turbines/VNTs, are a family of turbochargers, are usually designed to allow the effective aspect ratio (A:R) of the turbo to be altered with changing conditions. This approach is intended to address the fact that the optimum aspect ratio at low engine speeds is very different from that at high engine speeds. If the aspect ratio is too large, the turbo will fail to create boost at low speeds; if the aspect ratio is too small, the turbo will choke the engine at high speeds, leading to high exhaust manifold pressures, high pumping losses, and ultimately lower power output. By altering the geometry of the turbine housing as the engine accelerates, the turbo's aspect ratio can be maintained at its optimum. Because of this, VGTs have a minimal amount of lag, have a low boost threshold, and are very efficient at higher engine speeds. VGTs do not require a wastegate.


Here are some before and after pictures of Volvo ECM


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